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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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toilets, darkness, planes, dogs. really there aren't enough characters on twitter to go through all of them. >> toilets scare her. that's a problem, elizabeth. thanks for watching, i'm alisyn camerota. >> gretchen carlson and "the real story" starts now. >> thanks, guys. we start with a fox news alert today because just an hour from now the white house set to announce another multi-billion dollar economic stimulus plan. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." a week after dmik advisers released the report claiming $800 billion stimulus from 2009 created 6,000 jobs and saved the country from the great depression. here is what we know about new plan. $4 billion for new roads and bridges. $150 billion to a program proposing overhaul of business taxes. $600 million on competition to
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get people working on transportation infrastructure projects. ed henry live at the white house. stimulus was the dreaded s word on capitol hill for a long time. will the president's new plan fly? >> well, gretchen, it's going to be a hard sale for republicans. you know that. it's part of the president's new budget that will be unveiled in about a week. he's going to turn away from deficit reduction, go to government spending. he doesn't call it stimulus, spending but instead calls it investment. infrastructure, highway repair issues will create jobs and help obviously in terms of rebuilding the country. the president in the blue state of minnesota rather than going to red states, more republican states where health care may be unpopular. interesting. bill clinton as you know was in kentucky trying to help out alison grimes, a democratic senate candidate trying to take the seat currently held by republican mitch mcconnell. when senate majority leader
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harry reid was pressed on why president obama isn't going out to red states, he had an interesting answer. >> we have one president that's been going every place and that's clinton. he's traveling around campaigning for everybody doing a great job. >> there you have the top senate democrat suggesting the former president may be a better asset right now than the current president. bottom line, though, of course, we'll see president obama, current president, raising a lot of money. >> democrats laumping a new effort to defend the president on health care. they are saying this will be advantageous to democrats running in 2014. >> though doubt. they are saying benefits of the law will help democrats in midterms. launched on the senate flora news conference defending the law. interesting, at the news conference, no democrats up for re-election or any sort of tough
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race, these are democrats either in a safe state not actually out there defending the law to voters. it was interesting senator reid said all these horror stories about the health care law are not true at all. democrat chuck schumer went on to add this. >> the parade of horrible stories trotted out by haters of this bill will prove to not be true. >> republican senator responded with a press release listing cases where people in his home state of missouri lost plans they like, they weren't able to keep, pushing back and saying, look, do top senate democrat believe people across the country are making up what they are calling horror stories. you can see how the battle for the midterms is. >> we'll continue that with our political panel a few minutes ahead. giving russian president vladimir putin a stern warning after he orders military
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exercises along bored of ukraine. kerry said putin should listen carefully to ukrainians who voiced the desire to change. u.s. does not view russia as a continuation of the cold war. this is not rocky iv. earlier in a televised statement, the drills will test whether the troops are ready for ac, whether threatened, denied, denials connected to the ukraine. but is that really just a coincidence. joining me fox news national security analyst. so ralph, the move of this military exercise today by putin on the board ukraine, convince deny? >> no. of course it's not. as far as john kerry's threat goes, he threatened to remove assad. putin is not scared of kerry or obama. there's no question what amounts to mobilization is called a readiness test. it's mobile saig to get troops
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ready to go. if putin would decide he wants to invade, it's absolutely 100% to do with ukraine. now, putin does not want to use military force. it's not his first or second option. but make no mistake. he is proud. he's vindictive. he's angry. he believes deeply ukraine belongs to russia. he will act. >> does he also have the upper hand right now on president obama because of the situations that we have in syria, the situation we have in iran, et cetera, et cetera. does he have the upper hand? >> he does. also, a key thing, obama painted himself into a corner. with his surge, we really depend on a major supply route for afghanistan that goes through russia and russia's central asian clients. our hands are tied in syria. really what putin is doing now, he is arranging eastern ukraine. he's setting it up so he would
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have provocation to go in. i'm going in to protect against violence, so it's not over. >> do you see some sort of divided nation happening in ukraine? keep in mind, the president of ukraine still on the lam. he left last weekend. do you see a divided nation. >> ex-president of ukraine, voted out by his own party in parliament. there is a good chance of that. the question is how much will putin demand. does he want all of ukraine? will he settle for the eastern third? the russians believe kiev is their ancient root. we don't know what's in putin's head except he's not going to back down. he's not like president obama. when putin threatens something, he carries through on the threat. this -- we've seen act one, it's intermission. act two is coming and it could be very ugly and bloody, gretchen. >> it will be interesting to see
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how the u.s. reacts to all of it. >> or fails to act. >> clinton and current president, legal basis withholding what's described as a treasure trove of white house record from the clinton years expires. that happened more than a year ago. 33,000 page of documents still not publicly being disclosed. now the feds control the files. in the past president obama has promised to improve access to presidential records. as hillary clinton considers a white house bid in 2016, will she and bill push to keep these files under wraps? joining me now bret baier, anchor of special report. that's a loaded question for you. all these documents could be released any time. will anybody try to hold this up, the clintons or president obama? >> well, it's really interesting that none of this has come out as of yet. we're told "politico" had the story this morning 20,000 documents, 25,000 documents at
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the clinton library have been approved by the white house to be released. the national archives oversees all these documents. they are in possession of the federal government. the white house essentially has the say whether they can be released based on a number of criteria, including national security. some 25,000 of 33,000 documents have been cleared to be released and they cannot released any time. have you about 8,000 documents in limbo. they don't have any more restrictions on them. the 12-year restriction, 12 years after a president leaves office, the documents should be released under law. >> the interesting thing is the papers contain confidential advice given or sought by president clinton including communications with then first lady hillary clinton. so what kind of -- hmm, what kind of good or bad thing would
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this be for hillary clinton if there's discussions about health care, whitewater, all these old issues coming back up if she runs for president. >> sure. the political implications are right there on the table. we've already seen a number of the past controversies being stirred up as a possible clinton presidential run for hillary clinton is being talked about. it's not even in the works. obviously these past controversies stirred up. if there were memos timed to that or other things from these documents, that would stir it up even further. there's probably interest in clintonland to not have these documents come out. the question is about transparency and could you sustain a court fight over this and not look like you're hiding something? >> exactly, which is my next question. it's a delicate series of choices for the clintons because of how it might look to the public but also for president obama. can he not execute executive
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privilege here? could he not also hold back these papers if he so chose? >> he could. it would be hypocritical. on the first day in office, he signed an executive order to open up the process, to make it easier for people to look into presidential records, to overturn some of the things the bush administration did on secrecy on these records and to try to make it easier to get to the presidential libraries and to open up those records. so if he was the one holding it back on these documents, it would obviously be a story about transparency and what's he trying to protect. >> all right. very interesting. we'll see how this flushes out. tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern on special report. >> thank you, gretchen. the numbers are in. pot shops in colorado raking in big bucks. but are some smokers getting
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high on the taxpayers' dime? what we're learning about welfare recipients spending their government assistance. vice president joe biden bragging about skills on the basketball court with a challenge to the president. what's his vertical? talk about unexpected delivery. we're talking to a new mom who gave birth right in the middle of a new york city busy street. she's joining us. >> she said, it's coming. i could see the baby's head coming out. me, the doorman and a lady getting in the cab. we didn't know her. she was there by herself. we told her, fine, we're going to go with you. the baby's head was coming out. [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important rt of staying active and strong. ensureigh protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrin charge!
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federal air marshall service closing field offices across the country. marshals trained to blend in with passengers on flights. they are there to prevent and
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detect terror attacks. reports say it will affect six offices over the next two years but agents will not be eliminated. the move an attempt to improve security and efficiency. a colorado county becoming first in the state to report its recreational marijuana sales. the numbers? well, pretty high. it brought in $2 million. you have to be 21 and licensed id to buy from the potshots. they say it will bring in $67 million, half of which will be spent on building schools. at the same time there are new concerns about the pot shops and welfare. the national review online discovering thousands of dollars in withdrawals from welfare ebt accounts at pot shops. joining me, jillian, writes for national review, independent women's forum. good to see you. >> thanks for having me.
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>> what did you find in your research. >> 30,000 ebt transactions in colorado. we know 64 of them occurred at marijuana shops, places you can buy marijuana. people are basically taking out cash benefits. while we don't know how much of that went to weed, we do know there's a potential for abuse. >> some of these stores actually sell more than pot. they sell groceries. so you don't know exactly what the money may have been used for. >> we don't. it is cash benefits you could potentially withdraw some of it at an atm in a marijuana store and go elsewhere and spend it. what's interesting is already in colorado you're not allowed to use ebt at ligger stores, bars, casinos, but marijuana stores, since they are new, is a gray area, something that hasn't been addressed of it's a huge potential for abuse. >> republicans in colorado did try to address this but they lost out. democrats voted against them on this. do you think there will be any
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kind of new legislation? this is a huge loophole, is it not? >> it's definitely something that's going to resurface. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a new attempt at legislation. this is also a federal issue. there's a federal law in 2012 that puts on some states to regulate ebt withdrawals, casinos, liquor stores, all sorts of things like that. it doesn't specifically address marijuana either. both on the federal and state level as we're experimenting with legalization of marijuana, this is definitely something important. >> the interesting thing is there is no real enforcement it seems all across the country for that matter about what you're supposed to be able to buy with welfare and what you're not supposed to buy. i guess the one mechanism to try and curtail that is placement of atms. >> exactly. i was able to find at one marijuana shop ebt accessible atm is right outside the dispensary. it's close. there are definitely other things. it's kind of a weakness with
11:18 am
cash benefits to begin with. they are supposed to be spent on diapers, rent, basic necessities, definitely not marijuana but there's not a way to stop that from happening. >> very interesting. it is legal medicinally, recreationally and now a whole other wrinkle on it. look forward to more. have you seen the move "gravity"? it's a life and death situation in space. now a real life scare. nasa giving details about a spacewalk that turned into a near death experience for one astronaut. a live report with details next. vice president joe biden popping up on tv this week. there's another bidenism today. makes us wonder if he's running for president. if he did, he would be 74 at the time. that brings me to a question, how old is too old for president. should age be part of the
11:19 am
discussion. tweet me or go to my facebook page as well. we'll read your comments at the end of the show.
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check out this story. firefighters rescuing a woman. she fell down a cliff in san francisco. officers say she dropped 20 feet near the popular cliff house restaurant getting trapped along an ocean trail. rescuers were able to get her to safety and they say her injuries are not life threatening. close call there. fox news alert there, brand-new details on a near miss in deep space. nasa releasing a report minutes ago about a spacewalk that went terribly wrong. it happened past july. a planned seven-hour spacewalk cut short 90 minutes into it
11:23 am
when water leaked into an astronaut's helmet. the leak caused him to lose his hearing, vision and communications temporarily. the same suit leaked just days earlier, although that incident never made it up nasa's chain of command. steve following the story from miami. steve, there were two leaks in the same space suit? >> that's right, gretchen. that's exactly what nasa is looking into and reporting on right now, what exactly went wrong. it was the second of these leaks occurring seven months ago which was more traumatic. that's when the italian astronaut was making his first spacewalk outside the international space station. that's when more than a quart and a half of water entered his helmet from the rear. it covered his nose, eyes, ears, knocked out communication creating a threatening life situation. >> down my head but i don't think to my back. >> are you sweating?
11:24 am
>> i am sweating but feels like a lot of water. >> eventually with his eyes closed and helmet full of water, he had to retrace his steps from memory and was pulled into safety by other crew members, gretchen. >> i don't know if you saw the movie "gravity" but this sounds a lot like what sandra bullock went through. what is nasa looking to learn from this. >> with the initial mistake, they assumed it was from the water bag. that assumption was wrong. the failure to investigate or communicate any further really is seen as a problem. nasa now is going to in the future investigate any such leaks. there's also concern about space suits themselves. a need for a more advanced suit. the current model, current design is 35 years old. gretchen. >> wow, amazing. all right. good thing nothing steve, thanks so much. he was flying under the radar for a while. now, the vp is back. what joe bind is doing now and
11:25 am
how folks feel about him running for president. our political panel waist in on the latest bidenism. irs. the woman on the screen there took the fifth the last time around. will lois lerner talk about it this time around. we're live with this story when we come back.
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time for a check of headlines. target blaming for a big blow to the products. a 40% drop in the third quarter of last year. ou ouch. kennedy testifying she didn't knowingly take the pill. she failed field sobriety. she claimed she thought she had taken thyroid medication. president clinton bringing in big bucks for democratic senate in kentucky. claims clinton helped raise $700,000 at a luncheon that took place yesterday. lawmakers leading the investigation into the irs targeting scandal want more answers from lois lerner a key figure in the whole ordeal who originally took the fifth of the house oversight committee recalling her to capitol hill today.
11:30 am
so far no signs she's going to actually show. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. mike, what is the response from lerner's attorney about the latest call. >> reporter: her attorney said bringing her up to capitol hill for her to take the fifth would be a waste of time. lerner's attorney said it could be dangerous noting threats against life and safety. tells darrell issa she will decline to answer questions unless ordered to do so by u.s. district court or receives immunity. attorney william taylor wrote, we therefore request the committee not require miss lerner to testify before the city solely for the purpose of invoking her rights. key figures on capitol hill including treasury inspector general who reminded everybody how all this came to light. >> my audit was not formally
11:31 am
complete before lois lerner spoke before a group in which she planted a question to ask about this. it was someone in the irs who acknowledged they engaged inappropriate behavior and treatment. >> folks at the house oversight committee said they expect lois lerner to be up here next week, march 5th to answer questions. last time her attorney said she wouldn't stop, she made a statement and clammed up. >> more on capitol hill trying to get to the bottom of this entire irs month. what happened? >> the new irs commissioner was here and he's trying to rebuild confidence both here on capitol hill and with the public about the irs. he was also asked about accountability. >> how many in the department have been reprimanded or determine natured as a result of latest scandal and scrutiny of various organizations. >> that process is still -- there's a review board. leadership from the top on down
11:32 am
is all gone at this point and several people are no longer at the irs. >> once again expressed concern about manpower at the irs noting he expects only about 70% of phone calls to the irs to be answered this filing season. gretchen. >> oh, boy. all right. thanks so much. mike emanuel on capitol hill. first in 2016 on late night, now blagojeviching about athletic prowess. listen what he said at an event celebrating black history month. >> couple of good trends here. i told the president next game i had him. i may be a white boy but i can jump. >> i may be a white boy but i can jump. meantime a new cbs news "new york times" poll showing 42% of
11:33 am
dems say the vice president should make a run for the oval office, 39% prefer he didn't. 38% of independent voters saying no thanks. a former deputy assistant to george w. bush and leslie marshall syndicated radio talk show host and fox news contributor. all right, leslie. i may be a white boy but i can jump. is this good pr for running for president? >> i don't think joe biden has ever when it comes to talking colored within the line. using the word malarkey during a debate. also maybe he was quoting that old movie with woody harrelson, white men can't jump. i haven't seen anybody from the african-american community upset by it. i think both left and right, everybody is kind of used to joe biden saying what joe biden feels without a filter, which may not be good for a presidential run. >> there you have it. sometimes bidenisms turn out to
11:34 am
be totally inaccurate. right? the other day on theview he said 2,000 jobs lost as a result of obamacare. turns out it's 2.3 million. there is a slight difference there. >> there is. he never lets facts get in the way. say it ain't so, joe. you shake your head every time he makes a gaffe. that's why you don't see as much of the vice president today. i don't think he can afford to get out there ahead of the administration and be effective. >> now we're seeing him. he did at least three national television shows. this is an obvious push, is it not, brad? isn't it because he wants to run for president? what's the reasoning? >> that's exactly right. they are trying to give him more exposure but what expense? every time out there and give him something, remember the things he said that were wrong or gaffes. i don't think the president can have him too far out there if he continues to do it.
11:35 am
this isn't the eve of election. we have three more years of obama. i don't think he can afford to have joe biden as his point person. >> strategy at the same time midterms centered around obamacare, a major counter-attack in the works following wave of republican criticism, democrats insisting the law is working and the party is united on it. even though no one up for election was at today's press conference. listen to this? >> i can't speak on behalf of my other colleagues. a very different way in which democrats are talking about the acts this year compared to 2010. democrats are proud they voted for it. >> leslie? >> well, i do see a difference in the change of shift in the democrats even if they are not at the press conference. i think that's because of the numbers that have come out. we see more and more enrolling, more youth enrolling. like the president said, if it's successful, nobody will call it obamacare anymore. as you know, women have more need for insurance.
11:36 am
we have more, thank you, unfortunately due to our gender, we have more health issues, especially as we age and especially giving birth, et cetera. a lot of women state by state that feel democrats along with affordable care act in their corner. certainly female votes are something they want and have relied on in the past. >> of course both parties want the female votes. why are there no democrats up for election in 2014 if the party is so united? >> they would have to then justify disastrous vote on obamacare. they are trying to pin this on the president. that's why you don't see the president on the campaign trail. the problem is they voted for it. it's their record. the lies parroted by the president were parroted by them selling obamacare. pelosi all we have to do is pass 3,000 page bill, nobody read it, don't know what's in it. now we know what's in it.
11:37 am
if anything, women are hurt by obamacare more than men for the reasons just stated. they need more expensive health care, especially in childbirth. women are not immune to lies by the president. their policies are being dropped. they have seen their prices go through the roof on medical care and they are losing doctors. >> a lot of talk about women in this debate. turns out democrats are also going to go back to the war on women as something in 2014. got to wrap it up there. brad, leslie, have a fantastic day. >> thank you. >> time to check in with shepard smith live at the news desk. shep. >> babies could be born with not one or two but three biological parents, mom, dad, and donner. they mixed genes of three different people. mix them up and pop out a baby. critics say it could lead to so-called designer babies letting parents pick and choose things like eye color and even their children's height. science says this is about protecting lives and protecting children from deadly diseases.
11:38 am
we'll hear from both sides of the debate, fair and balanced and explain how this farfetched idea would be quite real. a big day shepard smith reporting for all of us on the fox news desk, we're welcoming maria bartiromo in the fox news family. you may have heard the name, something obscure in new jersey. now she found her way to midtown manhattan. she's new to the fox family. maria bartiromo joins us in the next hour. if you have questions tweet us. i will ask her the question, what are you doing here? why are you here? that's all coming up the top of the hour. >> thanks so much, shep. one topic, constant questions for presidential candidates, their age. but is it appropriate? we're going to debate. plus -- >> i knew instantly it was polly. you assume the worst, is she dead. >> born on the streets of new york. >> a baby literally born on the
11:39 am
streets of new york city. we'll talk to the new mom who gave birth on a busy manhattan crosswalk and who helped her.
11:40 am
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? delta air lines set to change its frequent flyer program. this is going to start next year. travelers earn miles based on the price of tickets and not the distances flown. check the fine print. a new report suggests one of the most famous boxing matches in history may have been rigged by the mob. washington and "times" reporting first fight by muhammed ali was fixed bay las vegas gambler with ties to organized crime. oscars celebrates some of hollywood's top stars. some kid is stealing the show. in these photos they are re-enacting scenes from best picture nominees. cute. an age old question.
11:43 am
one that president reagan handled so well in 1984. remember this? >> i will not makeissue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> classic. but how old is too old for a candidate to run for presidency. our female power panel, fox news anchor, stephanie white, parenting blogger at ask and carol alt, host of healthy you and on the fox news channel. how old is too old, carol? should the media raise this question about someone running for president. >> the media that ha its own idea about what it's allowed to raise and not. ipo saying this because i really like hillary. i don't think age should be a question. as long as they have a young and experienced running mate, i
11:44 am
think it should be all right. >> stephanie, if joe biden runs for presidency 74, hillary clinton will be 69. is that too old or does it matter? >> i don't think it's too old. i think age does come into play. i think that's wisdom and experience. i think that's a good thing. a positive. >> do you think there's any gender bias associated here? will we be talking more about hillary's age, female candidate on the republican side than we would with men or is it equal sort of discrimination? we talked about it with john mccain, too. >> carol will tell you the same thing, as we've gotten older we've gotten younger because of technology and how we feel. look at hillary, she went a million miles as secretary of state. who could keep up. she could be an amazing race contender. >> some people would spin that, she had that health scare as secretary of state. was she too old to be traveling those miles. why is it an issue? >> gretchen, the thing is you
11:45 am
can have problems at any age. age and a health scare, it's unfair. i think it's fair they talk about it in terms of both genders, that's fine. usually they point the finger at women and women are unfairly discriminated against all the time. it goes to is that really more sexism. in this case it's not. they are being fair. >> the interesting thing will be whether or not there are any discussions about facial wrinkles or anything like that if it's a woman versus a man, because i think you hit the nail on the head there. women may face more pressure with regard to how they look than men. >> remember hair style discussions about hillary clinton. really didn't matter hire fitness about first lady. we would never talk about hair styles with men. not to be sobering but today is a funeral of a friend who died at 52, otherwise in good health. >> age, too young and
11:46 am
inexperienced. age would be brought into that. >> we had that discussion with president obama before. meantime new york state lawmaker democrat reuben diaz proposing a bill causing a lot of controversy now. it would force parents to take government run workshops before their kids can advance to the seventh grade. you have kids 12, 10 and 7 in new york public schools. this would affect you. good or bad? >> it's outrageous. my son is 7th grade, my daughter going into 6th grade. i can't begin to tell you how i think it's just so inappropriate. >> why? >> okay. so first of all, why parenting classes in sixth grade? i've been a mother since my child was born. now all of a sudden in sixth grade we're doing a brush-up class. it's already telling parents what do they have to do now. what is for the future for them, when all these years they have been parents already. >> the class would actually be
11:47 am
in elementary school. they would do the evaluation at sixth grade to see if you completed it. i want to tell you sobering numbers. every six minutes in this country -- there are six children every minute in this country, forgive me, law enforcement agencies get called about maltreatment, parental mistreatment of children. it's a very expensive problem. i give this assemblyman credit for trying to resolve it. should parents be concerned the government would be running these classes? >> absolutely. >> i think the issue here, times have changed. a lot of parents haven't kept up with the times. there's texting, e-mailing, facebook, bullying, cyber bullying, so many issues that parents don't keep up with or don't know about. maybe giving just a little instruction on how to handle these things can really avert a serious issue. >> you think you're in favor of this? >> i am. i'm not a parent, so i can't speak to that. i'm watching the news every day. i'm watching these kids killing
11:48 am
themselves. i'm watching the big bullying problem on television. i feel for the parents. i think some parents are clueless how to handle this. i think it might help. >> i hear what you're saying but here is the thing. as i read it, the parents if they don't go to the classes, the child will be held back a grade. who is being punished, children for not being parented correctly. >> the thing is you're a great parent. you're able to handle these things. you're in the media. >> you still have to go. >> still have to go. >> how do they know more than somebody else. trying to get the common denominator. >> from a legal point of view, you're a lawyer, jamie. can you do this? >> i can tell you it won't uphold. went through committee in the state. i really admire what he's trying to do, $124 billion a year on
11:49 am
resolving issues of child maltreatment by parents. the problem is that the federal courts have ruled a supreme court case in 2002 that said parenting is a fundamental right and a presumption that parents are fit. until a problem arises unfortunately in this country we can't do anything about it. the topics are important, bullying. they are doing sexual orientation classes, too. >> all right. now we're going down a whole new path, ladies. >> as a parent these are things children are facing at a younger age than ever before. female power panel. thank you very much. a woman desperate to hitch a ride to the hospital doesn't make it. >> a lady walked out, hailed me a cab and got into it. i was like, no, that's my cab. i want that cab. >> with no other choice, polly mccourt gave birth on a new york city street. her amazing story next.
11:50 am
pope francis has a little look alike. the story behind this toddler's very cute costume. [ female announcer ] we'll cook all day today, but we're not staying in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat and pour in campbell's slow oker sauce. by the time you get home, dinner is practically done. and absolutely delicious. everne is cooking wiew campbell's slow cooker sauces. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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new revelations today about osama bin laden and the september 11th terror attacks. reports today a fbi source was in contact with osama bin laden back in 1993. that mole apparently learned that bin laden was looking to finance terror attacks in this country even then. the feds contact apparently helped prevent another attack in los angeles in the mid 1990s. a baby born in a new york minute. a tv crew capturing the special delivery on a manhattan sidewalk. the mother says she was trying to hail a cab to get to the hospital but her baby just
11:54 am
didn't wait. linda schmidt with our fox affiliate has the story. >> oh, she is precious. >> reporter: the last time that i saw little ila and her mom and dad was on third avenue yesterday. polymccourt had gone into labor, and her doorman was trying to hail her a cab to get to lennox hill hospital. >> he was trying desperately to hail a cab. a lady walked out in front and hailed a cab and got into it. i went no, that's my cab. i want that cab! but poly's labor was so fast she didn't have time to get into that cab. so she sat right down on third avenue and 68th street, her door man propped up her back to give her support, and she gave birth. poly's husband keean was driving back from new jersey and arrived after the baby was born. >> you see this crowd and what went through your mind? >> i knew instantly it was poly. i feared the worst thinking she'd been knocked down.
11:55 am
>> reporter: but polly and ila were just fine. >> we have no way of contacting isabelle. >> she's the woman who gave you her coat. >> gave her coat that covered me. >> and now you've named your baby the middle name after isabelle. >> it was meant to be ila polly but it's now i la isabelle. but we're very happy with it. >> reporter: the mccourts are now trying to find isabelle to thank her and replace her coat. >> so this way she's a real new yorker. she was born on the streets of new york. >> that's very true. and it's my understanding that they may have found isabelle now and there'll be some sort of reuniting of everyone together. by the way, we're supposed to talk to polly on the phone but we were unable to get her just right now. in the meantime, pope francis with his very own mini me. check this out. how this little guy got to meet the beloved leader of the world's catholics.
11:56 am
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check this out. pope francis blessing a little clone who wasn't all that happy about it. the toddler wearing a white cap and cape for mardi gras, celebration leading up to lent, his mother says the outfit was a gesture of love for pope francis. cute. well, you guys are sounding off on our facebook question of the day. how old is too old to run for president? people questioned ronald reagan and senator john mccain's amgs. sure to do the same for potential 2016 candidate hillary clinton. it's a fair question. karen says it's not her age that i question, it's everything else to do with her that i question. terry posting "age is a factor. as we get older things are not
12:00 pm
looked at the same". and king rock says, no matter how old they are as long as it's for the good of america and its people." some great thoughts there. thanks for sharing all of them. by the way, tomorrow on the show, david wise, olympian with his family. i'm grinch en. now here's shep. got you beat. today we have maria bartiromo. she has come to the promised land that is the fox news family. she left that place in new jersey and now she's here. started from the bottom. now she's here. we'll talk to her about all kinds of stuff. something about how bankers are accused of helping rich people of dodging taxes. maria, why did you come here? why do you hate cnbc? why? or something like that. plus there's real news today as well. have you seen this video? a school bus driver caught on camera smacking a student with a broom? unbelievable. the rest of the fight and the words from the bus company coming up. the biebs has just dropped a new


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